On October 13, 2017, my colleague and I have attended the 47th Annual ISETL 2017 conference hosted by International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning, in Orlando, Florida. The topics of Society’s interest include but are not limited to: innovations with technology and online education; Inclusive and culturally responsive approaches; and Research and evidence-based strategies. Our presentation entitled “In Pursuit of a Pedagogy of Involvement in Higher Education” proposes pedagogy of involvement as an effective approach to practice transformative teaching and learning in higher education. This study is based on Mezirow’s notion of transformative teaching and learning with an emphasis on active involvement in the process of learning. While a transmissive, teacher-centered model still prevails worldwide, transformative teaching and learning begins to gain scholarly attention. Our research exhibits evidence of teachers implementing pedagogy of involvement, which makes significant contribution to the teaching and learning in higher education. This study provides insights to understanding transformative views and approaches and to implement pedagogy of involvement in higher education.