MESSAGE is a group organized by graduate students in the School or Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. Our mission is to promote, create, and develop projects concerning multilinguals while encouraging professional engagement among graduate students. We plan to continue engaging into activities concerning the teaching and learning of multilingual users.

Last Friday, on March 3rd, my Korean PhD peer, Jinna, and I led a workshop entitled “Say “NO” to Plagiarism: For Teaching International Students”. We tried to answer questions such as:

– Do you think English language learners (ELLs) or international students in your class always plagiarize because of dishonesty or laziness?

– Have you wondered an effective way to deal with students’ plagiarized work?

 We also provided our workshop participants with multiple perspectives and strategies to effectively tackle such challenges. Our participants were, among others, ESOL coordinators and teachers for Gainesville and Alachua county, Director of an International English Language School and instructors at Santa Fe College.

Here is a link to an article mentioning our workshop.