PECHAKUCHA is a presentation format in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. Presentations are concise and fast-paced! Last Thursday, I have participated in the Fulbright Pechakucha Presentations hosted at the University of Florida International Center. The presenters were US and non-US former and current Fulbrighters. Below please find the topics we listened to. Interesting experience!

  1. Anthropology of Images – Presenter: Daniel Barroca, Visiting Fulbrighter from Portugal and Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Anthropology
  2. My Fulbright: Eating and Drinking My Way to a Master’s Degree – Presenter: Claire Friedrichsen, U.S. Fulbrighter to Italy and Ph.D. candidate in Soil and Water Sciences
  3. How to Select Fresh Fish – Presenter: Erangi Heenkenda, Visiting Fulbrighter from Sri Lanka and Masters candidate in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences